Friday, May 21, 2010

Holly's Art Projects = Winter 2010

This dragon is
Spirit of the River Khaku
from the movie
"Spirited Away"
By Hayao Miyazaki
Here he is in progress.


If you haven't seen
"Spirited Away"
Put it on your must see list!

This is a wee Goblin
He was inspired by the wonderful work of

This is, of course,
Have you seen
"My Neighbor, Totoro"??
It's my favorite Miyazaki along with
"Howl's Moving Castle".

Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Holly is Scholastic Art Award winner!!

This is
Snaildragon Rider
He is sculpt of polymer clay
Holly created him and he was entered in the
regional Scholastic Art Awards contest.
She won a gold key award!

Waiting to receive the award from her
art teacher, Mike Baynes.

I am SOOOooooo
PROUD of her!!

In the Gallery after the ceremony.

Left on display in the Gallery.
I foresee many more awards in her future.
(Said the proud Mama!)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Toby Froud Articulated Puppet Workshop Was Awesome!

We got to take the
Articulated Puppet Workshop
in Portland, Oregon
Ignatz was there to make sure
Toby stayed on task.
It was held in the home of artist
Bryonie Arnold
Holly and Shannon were paying close attention

Toby is a patient and gracious teacher
(must get that from his Mum!)

Bryonie lives in a great old three story house.
She had lots of her artwork around
her home to admire!
We enjoyed her immensely and hope
to get the chance to become
better friends with her....
(Hey Bryonie....I forgot my dishes at your house.
I guess now we have a reason to visit again, heehe!)

Dixie and Deanna hard at work
Stephanie Lostimolo stopped in
briefly....Wish she had been able to
join us for dinner!

Karen Prell stopped in to see
what we were up to. She can
list the "Worm" in the "Labyrinth" movie,
& the Fragle Rock character "Red"
among her many past experiences.
She sat by us at dinner and was
just such a nice gal!

We all hit a local brew pub to celebrate
Holly's 17th birthday on Sat.

We sang "Happy Birthday" to Holly.
See how red her cheeks are?

This is the character Toby was working on.
He was showing us how to paint the eyes.
This shows the "human" style eye.
This side shows more of a
creature style eye.

I wish I had a shot of Bryonie's almost
finished character.
It was a really cool bird guy!

Bryonie's dog, Baxter. He was such a sweetie!

The gang at work!

Time to finish up the painting and
move on to assembling and
Go, Holly, Go!
My Girl is 17 now, sniff sniff......

The home stretch!

Dixie and Deanna left a little
early so they would not be on the road
so long in the dark.
It was a pleasure to be in class with them!
Bryonie working on the body

Holly thinking about what type of
costume to put on her guy.
One happy Chickie!!

Toby's finished guy looks like he has
spent too many days at the pub!
I love his hat...Toby showed us how to do
a typical "Froud" hat.
I am planning on making one for my current project.
Sorry for the next few blurry pics....
(I need a new camera!)
Class is over, DARN!!
We had a great time and learned tons!
Toby's armature/mechanism really gives
the characters life.
Me, Holly, Toby, Bryonie & Shannon
(Oh, and Baxter too!)

Me and Sherri Morgan.
Sherri coordinated the workshop and our fun dinner out.
She is Mom to Toby's new wife, Sarah.
(Thank you, Sherri for a wonderful weekend!)
This is Holly's finished character
Isn't he cool?
This is a sculpt she is working on now.

This is one I have been working on.
He is a sphinx....Half man - half cat!
I get the sculpting part done
but then loose my enthusiasm when
it is time to do the full armature
and costuming. I am not
very good at it, so I procrastinate.
I guess to get better at something, you need
to practice. I know.....I will get on it!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coffee House Art Show

Me and Holly at the
Coffee House Art Show

I wore my proud Mama face all night!

Holly got invited to participate in her first
art show this month.
It was the
Coffee House Art Show
at her high school.

Wilfred was very well received as were
her other pieces.
The main response was:
"Wow...Holly did you make these?
They are really cool!"
She would turn red and say softly:
"Yes, thank you"

This is Gnomington....a miniature village.

Students demonstrating their mediums.

Holly giving a polymer clay demo.

The Arteest!

That is her bowl from ceramics class.
It was on a separate table.
It was a very exciting night for her and I both!