Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Faerieworlds Summer 2009

We went to
Summer 2009
I think it is more fun than Disneyland!!
Isn't this Faerie Granny sweet!

It had to be well over 100* both days we went.
Holly and I bought parasols to help keep the sun off of us.

We saw lots of interesting characters

And booths to shop in.

Does this guy look like Liam Neeson
or is it just me??

If you are not familiar with Faerieworlds, it is a festival held several times a year. Usually in August and Jan. in Eugene, Oregon and also FaerieCon held in the
North Eastern U. S. in November.
You can learn all about it at their website here!

Awesome mask!

Aren't these two so cute!!
They were really nice too, as was everyone we met.

When she stood up, her hair went to the back of her knees!

Everyone definitely had their own style.

Hannah and Holly trying on hats.
I tell Hannah she is the redheaded-freckle face daughter I never had!

Jesse bought me an organic, gluten free lemon cupcake.
It was BLISS in a bite!
(This was my 1st day outfit)

Jesse was a pretty happy guy.
All he needed was SnowCones........


And Babes!!

I think the kids all had a pretty great time!

I know I did!!
Can't wait till the
and the Faerieworlds Marketplace
January 2010

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Lori said...

LillySue { i love your name} that looks like a lot of fun...the faerie granny really made me smile, what a cutie she is!!!