Sunday, October 11, 2009

Holly sculpts!

I want to introduce you to some characters I know.
All made by a girl who loves to play with clay!

This is Gandolf
He is a fired ceramic sculpt Holly made
last year in beginning art.

He is her first fired clay figure

I think she did a great job, but......
It all really started with a two year old
who loved her Play Doh!

She then discovered by age 4, that modeling
clay was even more fun.

By the time she was a tweener she was
fully into polymer clay.

This is Gnomington

Holly has a thing for mushrooms

Here is an early mermaid

She used shells and beads for accents

She made our yard more expressive!
Treebeard has been watching
over our house for sometime now.

She discovered hand felting with
natural animal wools.

This little lass went to live with
Brian Froud....
Isn't she lucky!

I bet one of Brian's other faerie friends has
set her free of her jar by now!

This curvy gal is one of my favorites

By the time she had made this gal,
Holly was becoming quite passionate about
her sculpting.

It was about this time that she discovered
The art of the Froud's
and her outlook has never been the same!

This fellow is Tristan
He is a faun she sculpted to ride on the back of
our wagon for Faerieworlds.
I never bought the wagon so he didn't get
to go.

This is Merrywillow
She is a top favorite of mine.
This was one of her last sculpts before
Faerieworlds 2009

Holly likes to make sure all
of the details are
just right!

I want a hat like Merrywillow's!
Then we took Wendy's class
It was Holly's big

I had taught her all I knew about
painting, but I had never
been a sculptor.
She had needed someone to teach
her the way a face comes

She made me
for my recent birthday.

We ordered Wendy's
two workshop DVDs so we can
continue to progress.
We just got them this week and need
to make a Michaels run for
We have watched them thru and have already
learned a lot more!
Holly's high school is set up in Academies
You choose your career path
and they put you in the proper spot.
Holly is in the Art Academy!
She is a sophomore as of 2009
Here she is in her ceramics class.

Natural clay is A LOT more messy than
good old Fimo or Sculpy.

I will post more photos of
this baby dragon when he is done.

This is a bust of Dobby from
Harry Potter

He is made out of polymer clay

It took her a while to get him
just how she wanted him to be.

This is what she wants to do for a living.
To work somewhere like the
Weta Workshop
Making creatures and mask pieces for
the movie industry.
How fun would that be??

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Larissa said...

You have lovely work! I must admit I'm quite envious that you've been able to take a class with Wendy. I attended a demonstration that she did at FaerieCon'08 and even that much was pure inspiration! I look forward to seeing more of your creations! ~ Kindest Regards