Friday, October 16, 2009

Bakery Dreams

Don't you just love
Family Circus
by Bill Keane
This is one that hit home with me.
~Bakery Joy~
How can you stand in a bakery and not
feel warm and cozy.
Choosing a treat.... looking at
everything displayed. It can be a
very hard decision!!
I feel so sorry for the children who have
never had this kind of experience.
The bakery counter in the supermarket
is just NOT the same as going in
a little local bakery.
A lot of the espresso shops have a goodies
display. It is a little bit more like a bakery.
Holly & I
Have a dream
She does want to continue her art studies after
graduation with the hope of becoming a
Cinemagraphic Sculptor.
She wants to help create the
creatures and costumes
they use in making movies
like they do at Weta Workshop. addition
We both love to bake.
One day....
We want to own an
Artsy Bakery-Espresso cafe
We want it to be a place where just
walking in the door makes you feel good.
You can check your troubles outside
and leave the rest of the world behind.
Besides having wonderful homemade treats,
it would be filled with a magical assortment
of artist's work displayed and
available for sale.
We want it to have an old world,
Tolkien inspired, Bag-end /Shire
Middle Earth atmosphere
It will seem like there are actually elves
baking in the kitchen.
As you finish brushing the last bit of crumbs
from your lap, you will blink and
wonder if that was a faerie
you just saw fly off with
part of someones
At this point....Holly is a sophomore
in high school.
We have several more years to collect
and perfect our recipes.
I have worked as a barrista in the past,
so I can whip up marvelous mochas.
We actually hope to travel for a year after
she graduates. We want to visit
England and Scotland
For some reason it feels like home in my
heart, and I have never even
been there before!
We also want to travel around the U.S.A.
in an RV,visiting lots of festivals
and taking art workshops.
We love to meet folks and share stories.
Right now we are just trying to figure
out how we will finance it all.
My wise Granny Ruth always said...
"The money will come"
And you know what.....
She was always right about that!


amy said...

Hello, Holly & LillySue! Thanks so very much for the animal pictures and elf paper doll. I can name all of the animals you sent and like to see the differences between an Asian Elephant and an African Elephant. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

(and Amy!)

Laurie said...

ohhhh your dream sounds wonderful!!

Natasha Burns said...

What a wonderful vision! You should move down to Melbourne Australia, we're apparently the coffee capital of the world based on our smallish population - and we have these fab artsy areas that have art and coffee and baked goods, I think you'd be in total heaven! Your paintings are great and I love Holly's sculpture work :)

Lori said...

your dream sounds wonderful...that is a place i would like to hang out in...i hope it is a reality for you some day...i was just looking at the link for Holly's work, what a talented young lady she is!!!

The Polka Dot Pixie said...

I love hearing about your dream! I too would love to hang out in an elfin cafe! And travel for a year with my daughter! Sounds perfect! ((((hugs)))) Jenny

Coleen said...

love your dreams!...can't wait to taste a cupcake baked by an elf!

Heart Hugs,