Saturday, October 24, 2009

Sculpting Wilfred

I would like you to meet

Holly spent most of the time she was recovering
from the flu working on him.

He is the first sculpt she has done
since we got our
Here he is all done and ready to be baked!

At this point, she has done the painting,
hair and his wire armature.
We LOVE him.....
She says it is like she gave birth to him.

He has a wire armature covered in batting
and then a stretchy fabric covering sewn on.
She made his custom costume by hand.
She also sculpted the blue bird and
the eggs in the nest on his hat.

Wilfred is an elf....
He is a forest guardian.
I am SO proud of Holly!!
She now says she sleeps with all the
faeries and elves dancing in her
head, begging her to sculpt them, heehe!

This is my latest sculpt.
I don't have as much spare time as Holly.
I will show her again when she is finished.
She did tell me her name was


Lori said...

they are both gorgeous!!! you both have such a talent for sculpting!!!

Jacqueline said...

Hello you two! I have just arrived in your blog world. I am Jacqueline from Once Upon a Fairyland (my childhood home). You may enjoy a peek at my world too. I love your work Holly. You have an amazing amount of talent. I love gnomes, elves, dolls and fairies...come visit me sometime. Click on my side bar, and you'll see where I grew up!