Monday, October 12, 2009


I L*O*V*E this painting!
It is Holly's self~portrait.
She did it this summer (2009).
She wanted to do something to put
on business cards to give out at
The cards are so cute!!
Can you tell I am a proud Mama?
No one ever took an interest in me as a child,
encouraged my interests or helped me
advance in anything.
I believe you should cheer your kids on
and help them discover all
they can be!
This is a self~portrait I did years ago.
I need to do a new one.
This one does represent me still....
Gotta have my cuppa tea!
(has to do with living in a cold climate)

This is a quick pencil sketch I
did of Holly a couple of years ago.
She is growing her hair out now, but it used
to be styled in a cute pixie cut.
(I liked it better that way, but don't tell Holly!)
Have you done a self~portrait??
~leave a comment with a link~

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Holly Loves Art said...

You TWO are just wonderful! What a fun way to share something together and produce a fantastic blog too!

Have a great day!