Monday, October 12, 2009

Sisters Harvest Faire 2009

Holly and I stopped in at the
Sisters Harvest Faire
on Sunday. Can you see the
amazing hand felted bags behind us?
I want that pink one...or the red one....
(Click on pictures to make them bigger!)

We met Debra Mae Fisher of
She is a local artist who makes leather masks.
They are all beautiful and seem
comfy to wear.
Holly found a design she likes
and may order one for the
Winter Celebration Ball.

They had live music as usual.

Holly is taking a ceramics class right now.
She liked looking at the pottery.

More pottery we liked!

We met Zeus of
(no website, darn!!)
He does very cool blown glass pendants.
Holly picked out one with a mushroom suspended
in it for Christmas...I will hide it away!

I found some more of my
FAVORITE body/hand lotion.
It is ...
Kat's Creek goat milk lotion
(clean breeze scent)
I love this stuff and bought a bottle at a
previous fair. It is all natural ingredients and
she makes it herself.
The scent is amazing and lasts a long time.
You can find it and her other products here at:

I love bird houses.

Holly strolling!

More booths

A perfectly crisp, fall day in
Central Oregon!

Holly checking out the handmade
I guess the Christmas boutiques will
be next!

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