Monday, October 12, 2009

Do I feel like painting or sculpting?

To paint....or sculpt??

I LOVE to paint.

I don't very often and I

miss it.

This is "Merlaina"

She is a guardian faerie


Click on photos to make them bigger

This is "Valeda"

I see her in my minds eye a lot.

I think she is wanting me to sculpt her...

Problem is...

I am not much of a sculptor.

I am just a beginner.

I don't feel like I could truly create her

as she should be.

I guess it just takes practice....

I do love the whole process of sculpting.

Especially since taking


This is "Aggie's Dragon"
I need to learn to give my

paintings more depth...this one

looks too flat!!

I love to paint profiles

For a while, everyone got

painted with their cuppa tea.

Even the kitties.

I love to paint cats!

This is an early one.

Did some silly cards..

Skiing anyone??

Jesse and his beloved Felix
We lost Fee to fip disease at only 1 year old.
He was a little scamp!

Then I went thru a moon phase..
(Pun intended, hehee!)


Yeah, I am a conservationist....
A tree hugger and proud of it!

Doodle whale
I guess I will go make a cuppa tea and
see what supplies jump out
at me.....

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Coleen said...

what an artist you are!!.I love the first painting...looks like Holly!!!

Heart Hugs,